Cloudpoint Geospatial Inc.

Roanoke, IL, United States


Cloudpoint is a professional geospatial services company that enables organizations to implement and extend the Esri platform using cloud-based GIS technology. Specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Cloudpoint offers hosted and onsite managed GIS services, jumpstart and kickstart packages, enterprise implementation, asset inventories, data collection, cleanup, configuration, and solutions based architecture. With Esri Specialty designations in Local Government, ArcGIS Online, and Release Ready, our team is well equipped with knowledge of the latest geospatial technology. Our customers include state & local governments, public works, transportation, engineering, emergency response, land records, cemeteries, and facility managers. As your release-ready trusted business partner, we stay closely aligned with Esri and their company vision for extending geospatial technology to everyone. Indoors, outdoors, underground or above, our purpose is to provide tools and services that enable organizations to make informed data-driven decisions with location-based solutions.



GIS is a particularly horizontal technology in the sense that it has wide-ranging applications across the industrial and intellectual landscape. For this reason it tends to resist simplistic definition. It’s about improving existing workflows or providing people with the tools to make data-driven decisions rather than educated guesses or estimates. Often the results of proper GIS implementation are success stories that attest how users have saved time, money, and in many cases people’s lives. The Esri vision is to help provide industry specific data models to their customers. Cloudpoint supports this vision and has experience with using these models and importing existing data into them for standardization goals. Staff has extensive experience in building digital geospatial infrastructure for local governments. Cloudpoint provides a variety of options for agencies to maximize their available resources for GIS. These options include everything from one-on-one phone support with remote desktop access for your staff or an out-sourcing solution that utilizes Cloudpoint’s professional staff as your GIS department. We are currently providing both of these types of solutions for our clients and they are proving to streamline workflows and improve efficiencies. We take a hands-on approach and will sit down with you and your staff to determine the most beneficial GIS implementation strategy for your agency.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services