Clymer Farner Barley, Inc.

Wildwood, FL, United States


Established in 1987, Clymer Farner Barley, Inc (CFB) is a family-owned enterprise in central Florida, with a prominent position in the Civil Engineering & Surveying industry. CFB is recognized for expertise in large-scale projects, innovation, and maintaining a multi-disciplinary structure. • CFB provides a suite of Engineering, Surveying, Geospatial, GIS, and Environmental solutions to address modern development projects and the challenges posed by the Florida landscape. • CFB excels in large-scale master-planned communities, shopping centers, and industrial park designs spanning residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. • CFB serves both public and private clientele and boasts a diverse portfolio. Since 1992, we have been the leading consulting firm for The Villages, FL, the largest mixed-use development in the nation. • CFB demonstrates skillful management of project constraints by thoroughly identifying and addressing challenges related to a property slated for development through detailed analysis and strategic planning. • CFB takes pride in blending innovative solutions with time-tested principles. Our clientele includes government entities, municipalities, developers, architects, builders, and agencies. With a client-centric approach, local expertise, and a proven track record, CFB delivers accurate, timely, and personalized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our client’s projects.



CFB's GIS and Mapping division leverages advanced technology to analyze spatial data, specializing in comprehensive plan amendments, rezonings, and annexations. Through seamless integration of GIS data into project workflows, we ensure efficiency and accuracy for our diverse clientele including The Villages, FL - the largest single-site mixed-use development in the country. Our geographic reach spans throughout Central Florida, where we have contributed significantly to the region's growth and development. CFB's GIS and Mapping division excels in real-time analytics, delivering project maps, charts, graphs, and customized data to facilitate informed decision-making and project development. Led by a skilled team, our division maintains an extensive array of spatial datasets, providing valuable insights for both the company and clients. Utilizing technologies such as Tableau, ESRI, AutoCad, and GIS business intelligence tools, we collaborate closely with clients to maximize their development opportunities. Examples of the geographic data maintained by CFB’s GIS team include: • Constraints maps for due diligence and planning tools • Drainage studies • Travel time scenarios • Population density studies • Soil evaluation studies • Cost repositories Services offered: Choose from supplied options including: Application Development Data Conversion/Migration Data Model & Database Design

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design