World Explorer and World Panorama

By Collins Bartholomew

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With their pre-prepared map styling and rich feature coding structure, World Explorer products allow geospatial professionals to create maps of anywhere in the world easily. Underpinned by a meticulous focus on current global political geography, our World Explorer vector datasets provide an accurate and impartial world view at 1:750,000 and 1:3,000,000. Boundaries are rigorously checked, and First order internal administrative divisions are included for almost all countries. Being derived from World Explorer, our World Panorama raster datasets offer the same level of authority, consistency in scale, content and specification across the whole world. World Explorer and World Panorama datasets provide access to foundation data from one of the world’s leading map publishers, that is authoritative, maintained and easy to use.


Aviation, Defense, GIS, Health & Human Services, Humanitarian, Insurance, Intelligence, Map, Chart & Data Production, Media, Research Organizations, Telco

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