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CompassLDE® (Location Data Engine) collects vehicle location, status and messaging data for multiple fleets, high value assets and IoT devices over different wireless communication networks simultaneously. Interfaces for commercial wireless carriers, Motorola P25 Astro Mobile Radio, and satellite networks are common. The Server stores the data in a SQL standard database and has a published API to share the real-time and history data with Esri viewing clients, CompassReports and other 3rd party software solutions. The output from LDE options include socket TCP/IP, stream data, Esri REST and a Connector for ArcGIS GeoEvent Server. Hardware interfaces include Sierra Wireless, CalAmp, Motorola, Trimble, snow plow spreader controllers and other sensors. LDE can be integrated on-premise with your ArcGIS platform or hosted as a managed service.


Aviation, Defense, Electric & Gas, Highways & Roads, Mining, Parks & Recreation, Petroleum, Public Safety, Public Works, Railroads, Trucking & Distribution, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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