Ghent, Belgium


Comsof is the world leader in creating intelligent network planning and design software. With more than 20 years of experience in GIS-based optimization, Comsof’s team of world-class engineers has deployed its solutions in over 50 countries. Comsof was founded in 1998. As a spin-off company of the world-renowned Intec information technology department of Ghent University. Today our team of over 30 engineers serve our clients from our offices in Gent, Belgium and Toronto, Canada. Our flagship is Comsof Fiber, which has been used to design fiber networks covering more than 70 million homes. Our newest addition is Comsof Heat, planning and design software for district heating and cooling networks. We are developing more pioneering software solutions. Such as Comsof Power, for power distribution grids, and Comsof Smart, for smart grid communications networks. Make designs faster with our easy-to-use software. Get more reliable results thanks to our superior algorithms. Create the field-proof designs you want based on our interactive tools.