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map.apps, the central software component of con terra Technologies, allows you to build apps and solutions that are as individual as the challenges you face. With map.apps, the comprehensive possibilities of the ArcGIS platform are extended by capabilities for implementing complex solution architectures at the enterprise level. map.apps integrates seamlessly with the ArcGIS platform and ensures the sustainability of solutions through minimal maintenance effort and maximum user acceptance. map.apps is built entirely on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (supporting both, version 3 and 4). UX standards and responsive design guarantee usability on all platforms. Its comprehensive modularized approach allows to build the most complex solutions from basic building blocks. Each block can be quickly developed, maintained and shared across apps, departments and organizations, and are the central means for the digitalization of spatial business processes and workflows. As a solution platform, the map.apps architecture consequently follows enterprise IT as well as ArcGIS standards, and allows a tight integration within the organization and its IT infrastructure as well as working in cloud environments.


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