Consodata Spa

Milano, Italy


Consodata is the Italian leader in Direct Marketing, Marketing Intelligence and Geomarketing, with a qualified and integrated offer that ranges from Marketing services to Business and Credit Information. Asset Consodata: - huge and qualified master and statistical database - high competence in data treatment, data mining and campaign management - proven abilities in developing GIS software and DB Management tools MISSION Consodata helps small, medium and large companies TO FIND THE BEST LEADS ON TERRITORY (1) Marketing Services: Solutions for recruitment of new customers and business partners, to organize and evaluate customer database, and to develop DM plans CRM - Consumer and Business lists - Campaign management - Data treatment, db management WEB MARKETING - Advertising specialized - Digital Marketing, lead generation MARKETING INTELLIGENCE - Customer analysis model - Target analysis model (2) Business Information: Solutions to assess new customers and to “protect” the business. Collection management services and debt recovery. - - Custom information and services for credit management (3) Sales network strategies: Solutions to manage and rationalize sales network (POS and sales representatives). GEOMARKETING - Geomarketing software desktop e online MARKETING INTELLIGENCE - Consultancy projects support to sales network assessment and budget planning



- GEOMARKETING Desktop or online decision support systems developed to manage and rationalize sales network (POS and sales representatives). Systems include information and analysis tool to help study market demand, to analyze competitors, to monitor own presence on territory. - CRM: customer and business lists, campain management, data treatment-db managenet (Data normalization and enrichment services to improve data quality and performance of marketing campaigns. Solutions to organize, evaluate and manage a centralized Customer marketing Database to support the communication strategies. Project can be developed on the premises of customer or in outsourcing) - DATA QUALITY - BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Points of sale assessment, Sales network assessment, Support to budget planning Customer analysis model: Statistical models to analyze customer data base: purchasing behavior and demand volume, socio-demographic profile, and others customer characteristics (RFM Model, Life Time Value, Churn Analysis, Channeling). Target analysis model: Profiling and targeting to identify the best prospect lists for the campaigns of direct communication.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements, Training Services