Cropper GIS Consulting LLC

Delaware, OH, United States


Cropper GIS is committed to providing GIS expertise to organizations across the country. Cropper GIS enables its clients to fully comprehend their surroundings, and gives an understanding of the trends, demographics, and geography that is impacting their organization. Clients of Cropper GIS have the ability to view their crucial data, such as customer or student’s home addresses, school or office locations, and boundary information (attendance boundaries or service areas). Analysis of this information in conjunction with data such as parcels, aerial photography, development activity, comprehensive plans, and demographic trends empowers clients to make informed and accurate decisions. GIS alone cannot solve all of your problems. It requires skilled users who know how to use the wide array of tools available. Cropper GIS staff applies real-world experiences to new projects and holds true passion for developing the best solutions. Tight budgets cannot afford to make costly mistakes. Cropper GIS ensures that its clients will have all of the information available to make efficient and effective strategic decisions.



Cropper GIS utilizes a process that involves community stakeholders. This process ensures that the plan is embraced by the community and minimizes backlash when implementing a redistricting plan. Whether redistricting is for schools (attendance areas), businesses (service areas, administrative regions), or government (congressional districts), Cropper GIS empowers key stakeholders in the process and utilizes GIS to its maximum capacity to bring feasible recommendations. Mapping and analysis of students/customers/clients within each of the zones gives a clear depiction of the issues at hand, and solutions that can be provided to solve the problem. Analysis of these factors on top of current school/office locations, census demographic variables, and local development plans ensures that all factors are considered before making a move.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design