CyberTech Systems and Software Inc

Trevose, PA, United States


CyberTech is an expert at delivering large and complex geospatial products, solutions and custom projects. We are a specialist in the full suite of GIS technologies, “ArcGIS Services by ArcGIS Experts” and the transformation to the Esri Geospatial cloud. Covid-19 has accelerated the push to zero footprint Cloud based Infrastructure. CyberTech is committed to assist global organizations in the digitalization & cloud transformation of their GIS landscape. We assist enterprises implement rapid remote workforce models; and transform IT landscapes with robust GIS infrastructure on hyperscalers. CyberTech offers unprecedented expertise in cloud-based GIS business continuity tools and managed GIS operations. Clients in industries such as utilities, public safety, state and local government, manufacturing, and healthcare across the globe depend on CyberTech to unlock the power of “map-centric digitalization.” Our integration expertise of SAP enterprise systems and other critical business applications with geospatial system of records is unparalleled. We are proud to have incubated one of the largest ArcGIS Geospatial Centers of Excellence - delivering high impact spatial analytics and digitalized solutions. Spatialitics™, a product subsidiary of CyberTech, develops transformative spatial platform products – by unifying location intelligence with enterprise data to deliver industry specific SaaS products with zero footprint.



At CyberTech, we develop a thorough understanding of your business and work with you to define a comprehensive Enterprise Solutions We focus on understanding our client’s business and developing a comprehensive strategy leveraging ArcGIS as the geospatial system of record to gain market edge. Our services cover the full span of geospatial services, from GIS landscape assessment and design to the implementation of ArcGIS suite of products, ArcGIS cloud migration, and ArcGIS geospatial cloud. CyberTech’s portfolio of services includes: • Enterprise Implementation Architectures: Implementation and configuration of ArcGIS Enterprise, Utility Network and other Esri products. • Cloud Transformation and ArcGIS Cloud Services: CyberTech is the first Esri Partner to achieve ArcGIS Cloud Services specialty. This certification is a testament to our expertise in deploying and managing ArcGIS in the cloud. This further reinforces our commitment to driving Esri Geospatial Cloud and transforming on premise ArcGIS landscapes. • Enterprise Systems Integration, such as SAP with ArcGIS: Geo-enabling SAP business processes through real-time integration with ArcGIS as a system of records for delivering integrated business processes and tangible improvements.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services