CYME International T&D Inc.

Saint-Bruno, QC, Canada


CYME International is world-class provider of power engineering solution to the electrical industry. Since 1986, our comprehensive line of software and technical expertise have stood behind thousands of T&D projects in over 100 countries around the world. Along with our software, consulting services and custom IT solutions are also offered to help power engineers meet different needs. We provide: • The CYME Power System Analysis software for advanced engineering analyses on transmission, distribution and industrial power systems. • The CYME toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop™ to provide engineering results within the GIS environment. • The CYME Gateway for automatic information extraction from GIS and other enterprise systems to build the most complete network model possible, ready for any studies within the CYME software. • The CYME Server is a complete Service Oriented Architecture that is embedded within the user’s enterprise applications to offers real-time network analysis with CYME simulation engines. For the last 26 years, CYME International is renowned for providing power engineering software that are both robust and reliable, and for our dedication in offering unequalled customer service. We are the solution that engineers can always count on to meet any challenge of the evolving power industry.



TCYMDIST is CYME's flagship Distribution Analysis software. CYME has developed the CYMDIST Gateway for ESRI GIS to enable its customers to optimally utilize the rich functionality of CYME's suite of Power Engineering software. The CYMDIST Gateway, based on Open GIS technology, is as a permanent solution to generate and maintain the CYMDIST distribution network data model. The CYMDIST Gateway extracts the electrical network and the required engineering attributes from Esri ArcGIS/ArcFM environment. CYME expertise allows creating a data model that is accurate, electrically complete and readily available to be used in CYMDIST. The CYMDIST Gateway provides a seamless integration solution with your Esri GIS database and with the other enterprise systems. The CYMDIST Gateway is a stand-alone program that can be easily configured to adapt to a specific electrical data model, easy to maintain and to upgrade to future ArcGIS/ArcFM and CYMDIST version releases.