Somerville, MA, United States

Overview is an innovative technology company reshaping the way governments manage and maintain their transportation infrastructure. By integrating advanced artificial intelligence, 3D Mapping LiDAR technology, and geospatial intelligence, we offer a comprehensive digital representation of your infrastructure, streamlining the monitoring, planning, and improvement of transportation systems. Our platform, paired with an advanced geospatial sensor, collects high-quality data, which is then analyzed using AI algorithms to capture pavement conditions according to ASTM standards. These insights are transformed into actionable, GIS-compatible reports, empowering more efficient and data-driven decisions for infrastructure maintenance and planning. Our geospatial-centric solution enables efficient pavement management, accurate MUTCD sign inventory, detailed 3D mapping, pavement marking inventory, right-of-way surveys, advanced GIS mapping solutions, and much more. Join over 100 towns and cities already benefiting from’s geospatially-driven, smarter, safer, and more sustainable infrastructure asset management. Leverage the power of AI, data, and geospatial intelligence with, transforming your municipality’s infrastructure management strategy.



Digital Twin Platform - Interactive Digital Twins at Your Fingertips - Obtain measurements of the built environment in a fraction of the time. Translating physical assets into digitized replications is a practical way of gaining valuable information. Pavement Management - An easy, affordable, and reliable automated method for performing pavement condition assessments. - Cyvl identifies distresses in your pavement, like alligator cracking, longitudinal and transverse, patching, utility cuts, and more. In addition to these distresses, Cyvl also identifies variations in surface smoothness. MUTCD Sign Inventory - An affordable way to inventory and assess traffic signs using LiDAR and AI technology. - Auto inventory signs, trees, and markings from the same data sets collected on the road. Data is processed simultaneously with pavements through Cyvl’s proprietary algorithms.