Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program DBMS

By Daniel B Stephens & Associates Inc

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The MRGESCP DBMS is a comprehensive, web-accessible, GIS-based, database management system for projects associated with habitat restoration, water management, and scientific investigations within the Middle Rio Grande basin for the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program. The existing data used to support Rio Grande basin management has been collected by many different stakeholders, and is stored in different formats and systems. In their previous form, these data sets were not easily accessible for use and analysis by all of the stakeholders. Integration of these data into a comprehensive, GIS-based, database management system will enable the Corps of Engineers and its partner agencies to readily access and interact with these data through custom queries and analysis tools providing visual and graphic outputs.


Environmental Management, Fish & Game, Mining, Public Engineering, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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