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A component of Summit Evolution Professional with Capture for ArcGIS, Airfield3D collects precise 3D geospatial airport and aeronautical data. It uses the stereoplotter engine of Summit Evolution Professional to enable viewing, identification, and attribution of objects penetrating sensitive airspace. Using DAT/EM's world-renowned stereo user interface, Airfield3D offers automatic project set up, automatic field calculation and attribution (with manual override), and visual cueing of obstruction surface violations. Airfield3D collects all data directly into FAA-designed templates for ArcGIS® so files are always in delivery format. KEY FEATURES -Enforces to U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular 150/5300-18B (18B) standard at every step. When you are done, your data is already FAA 18B compliant -Automatically and simultaneously fills in multiple attribute fields based on the obstacle measurement -Digitizes into the FAA-supplied ArcGIS templates Includes status tools to display how many points are measured for each surface and how many are required -Creates complete reports of obstruction data for each surface


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