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TransVUE is the first comprehensive suite of transportation planning and asset management focused applications. This suite includes modules that support the entire transportation life cycle from long-range planning through environmental review up to design as well as operations and maintenance. The suite provides tools that support Long-Range Planning, Transportation Improvement Programs (MPO, district/region and state levels), Communication/Coordination Tools, Document Management, Approval Tracking, Straight Line Diagramming, Videologs, Asset & Work Order Management, Traffic Information, and Environmental Management. There are many systems available that support some piece of this puzzle. However, each of these systems only handles a piece of the process, are very difficult to integrate and do not easily communicate with each other. The Transportation Planning and Asset Management process is very integrated and requires the coordinated effort of administrators, planners, environmentalists, engineers, GIS professionals, modelers, etc. – all of whom need varying types of information, reports, dashboards, etc. to provide input and direction into the process. TransVUE is a suite of integrated products that facilities the process, not just one element of it. It allows transportation professionals access to the information they need and the insight into the process that makes for more a more efficient process and ultimately better transportation decisions. Two of the largest impediments in the transportation process are time and money. TransVUE will save both. Through early interagency coordination, project issues can be identified early in the process. This provides three immediate benefits: 1. Fatally flawed projects can be removed 2. Asset condition, risk, and capital budgeting can be tracked and 3. Other issues can be mitigated as the process continues. A lot of the expense associated with transportation actions is the result of finding out some issue late it in the process. TransVUE will avoid that. The DTS team that developed TransVUE, is an eclectic mix of transportation planners (AICP), geographers (GISP), engineers (PE), and business process analysts, program/project managers (PMP), NEPA experts, surveyors (PLS), other SMEs, software architects, developers, trainers and support personnel.


Aviation, Community Development, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Highways & Roads, Homeland Security, Information Technology, Land Records, Map, Chart & Data Production, Pipeline, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Public Works

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