San Diego, CA, United States


Delivering Situational Awareness When it Matters Most. When Superstorm Sandy wreaked devastation along the eastern seaboard in 2012, what became a crisis for millions of people also highlighted a huge gap in data collection and analysis in Pete DiSalvo and Zac Canders' eyes, co-founders of DataCapable. They saw the potential of turning real-time data streams (like social media posts featuring photos and videos) into operational intelligence to enhance every critical level of communication—from governmental awareness to emergency response to personal safety to community connectivity. From that idea, The DataCapable Platform was created: combining patented machine-learning algorithms with human-in-the-loop verification to capture, automate, and distribute actionable intelligence in real-time. Be the first to know. Respond confidently and quickly. Manage risks, teams, and assets more efficiently when disasters strike. The DataCapable Platform is the most versatile, real-time global discovery and event detection solution for public safety, emergency management coordination, communication, and reporting. - Threat Detector: assess problems and vulnerabilities in real-time and take action. - Community Portal: keep your crews and constituents safe and informed, day and night. - Outage & Event Map: real-time visualization and two-way communication informs and protects.



Implementation and integration related to maxing the value of The DataCapable Platform with your existing systems and workflows.