Discover for ArcGIS Pro

By Datamine Software

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Built as a plugin to ArcGIS Pro, Discover is a comprehensive package for the importation, centralisation and analysis of geosciences data, whether you are conducting mineral exploration, or environmental assessments. With Discover, you can import numerous geoscience specific data types, create cartographic quality drillhole plans and sections, as well as view all of your data in 3D. ArcGIS Pro has the unique ability to switch seamlessly from 2D to 3D GIS environments. You also have the flexibility to web share all of your 2D and 3D scenes to members within your organisation or the general public. Import drillhole data from numerous different data repositories and seamlessly refresh data as new data becomes available. Create legends to apply to all of your ArcGIS pro data types: surface, drillhole, line or point data. Produce stunning cartographic quality drillhole section and plans. Create section templates to manage all of your section data and styling in 2D or 3D to effortlessly keep all section data in standard formats and styles across your project. Digitise data and register images on section and seamlessly send this to 3D. Visualise all of your data in 3D by importing 2D and 3D data from a wide variety of common mining data formats.



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