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Protect your business and employees with real-time alerting from Dataminr Pulse integrated into Esri ArcGIS. Relied on by over two-thirds of Fortune 50 and half of Fortune 100 companies, our real-time AI alerting accelerates your workflows to deliver end-to-end monitoring, response, and analysis. With Dataminr Pulse integrated into Esri’s ArcGIS, you can quickly identify, locate, and analyze risks and business impacting events across all of your company’s locations or in the field. When facing risk, minutes or hours of advantage can be the difference between an effective response or significant damage to your business. Pulse provides critical information aligned to your business needs. From protecting the safety of your employees and locations, to tracking transportation and supply chain disruptions, alerts are timely, relevant and actionable. Our alerts combined with Esri’s location intelligence allow you to prioritize activity and focus only on impacted areas, saving valuable time, and helping build a resilient organization. We bring the fastest real-time alerting to discover critical events as they unfold. Our AI analyzes billions of public data inputs each day from global to hyperlocal sources in multiple formats and from over 100 languages. That’s why companies around the globe turn to us to inform their security operations and be better prepared to manage any crisis.


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