Davis Demographics

Riverside, CA, United States


Davis Demographics provides comprehensive and accurate education planning services ranging from short-term and long-range enrollment forecasting, attendance boundary planning and community demographic analysis. Based upon leading-edge GIS technology, our SchoolSite™ desktop and online software provides tools for mapping, visualization, data analysis and planning. Our consulting and software help districts make better decisions and plan with confidence. A partner with Esri since 1989, we have twice been awarded Partner of Year. • SchoolSite for ArcGIS Desktop, extensions for school planning • SchoolSite Locator, web-based address/school lookup tools • ArcGIS Desktop implementation and training for school administrators • ArcGIS Online implementation



In addition to our demographic and planning services, DDP has utilized Esri software since 1986 (within first 300 of Esri customers) and has extensive custom software development experience (30 year Esri Business Partner). We provide the following GIS implementation services for school districts: • Projection implementation including geospatial data development • ArcGIS Desktop training developed specifically for school district planning • ArcGIS Online, organization implementation, data publishing, app templates, training and ongoing administrative assistance Contact us for a demonstration on how GIS can empower the decision-making processes and planning of your District...

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, Training Services