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EquiZone is a simple but robust redistricting solution that uses your own data. It is an add-in to ArcGIS Pro (Basic, Standard or Advanced). EquiZone allows users to create and build zones that are balanced based on the attributes of each polygon. The application provides tools for redistricting... 1) with attributes/field data already joined with user-defined polygons, or 2) with point data that can be aggregated to user-defined polygons within the app. Once you have information on each polygon representing the number of items you wish to analyze that happen to be contained in that area, you can use that information to combine small areas into larger areas while maintaining a balance. For example, neighborhood polygons can be enriched with data indicating the number of different types of crimes in each area. From this data, you can create patrol zones where each zone has a roughly equal number of crimes. Census data polygons with the latest census data can be used for legislative redistricting. Sales territories can be developed balancing customer sales using customer point data to user-defined polygons. EquiZone Features Use your own data! Any polygon and point or tabular data will work. As you create new zones, EquiZone will assign a new name and color to display on the map. Add or remove zones as necessary. Configure a tabular view of each zone with any, or all of the attributes that you need. View attribute information in either raw numbers or as a percentage of the total. When you add areas to zones, the table will automatically update to show you how the attributes are currently balanced between zones.



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