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The SchoolSite™ Planning Suite consists of ArcGIS desktop extensions that can be utilized to provide analysis for a wide variety of K–12 school district planning issues. Key features include • Ten-year and maturation/build-out projections • Easy-to-use wizards for multiple projection scenarios • Modification of projection variables/Instantaneous viewing of the resulting projections at the study area, attendance zone, and districtwide levels • Interaction with ArcGIS themes/layers to color code and label areas within the school district with projected students • Development of future attendance boundaries, including the opening and closing of sites, based on both existing demographics and projected enrollment • Comprehensive reporting capabilities including statistics such as counts of students by grade level, ethnicity, school of enrollment, or any data field in the student records • Extensive redistricting functions • Classroom needs at each site automatically updated with each change in boundary based on facility/classroom counts at sites along with user-defined classroom loading standards • A variety of demographic and projection reports/export formats including street directories for address-to-school assignment • Ability to utilize all Esri data formats including shapefiles, personal and file geodatabases as well as SDE multiuser geodatabases SchoolSite is available for all ArcGIS ArcMap 10.8 and 10.7 for all Desktop license levels (Advanced, Standard and Basic). ArcGIS Pro version (release summer 2021).


Demographics, Education, Elections

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