Deccan International

San Diego, CA, United States


Custom-built for each department, Deccan International's ADAM, LiveMUM, BARB and DiVa software applications have helped fire and EMS departments improve response times, maintain service area coverage, and defend budget and resource needs. As demands on emergency response continue to increase, our team and tools provide fire and EMS leaders with the most powerful data analysis available for strategic and real-time deployment planning. Deccan has been a leader in developing decision-support software for fire and EMS departments for more than 20 years, and continues to develop new and enhanced decision-support tools to meet the changing landscape of emergency response. Dedicated to serving those who serve their communities, Deccan is proud to work with fire and EMS departments of all sizes and staffing – from smaller community-based agencies with limited resources to FDNY, LAFD and other major metropolitan departments. Supporting communities all over the United States and Canada, Deccan's geographic reach demonstrates the successful combination of public safety knowledge and commitment to accommodating the unique needs of each community we serve. In addition, Deccan’s continued success comes from strength in operations research, leading GIS technology, and outstanding client service.