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RETEXO is the name of the software developed by DEDA NEXT for territorial management of technological networks, created with the help of some leading companies such as AGSM of Verona, Multiservizi of Ancona, Dolomiti Energia of Trento. The comparison and exchange of experiences between the various realities of the User Group, has created a software solution designed to manage the services distribution net-work adapted to the specific techniques, conventions and methods used in Italy, in line with the 'technological evolution and market standards. The User Group Competencies of each participant have been optimized and shared within the working group. Everyone has pro-vided support for the definition of data models, implementation of the functionalities, integration with other systems in use in other offices of the same company. Standards compliance RETEXO solution is nowadays one of the solutions more closely to reality and to the operational standards of the Italian Multiutilities companies, focusing to efficiency, integration with other corporate data bases and easy to use as a prerequisites. The basic technology RETEXO solution is based on ESRI ArcGIS and Geodatabase technology, and on ArcFM software suite by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, exploiting the characteristics and potential. RETEXO Features Gas, cathodic protection, integrated water cycle, power network geodatabase models have been implemented. The main functions are: Managing user profiles; Insertion of measures and texts according to Italian standards; Gas Analysis and Simulation software Interface; From geodatabase to network scheme; SAP! ISU integration; Gas Authority Report; Energy Authority Report.


Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Community Development, Demographics, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Geologic, Highways & Roads, Individual, Information Technology, Land Records, Map, Chart & Data Production, Marine, Public Administration & Policy, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Public Transit, Public Works, Real Estate, Research Organizations, Retail, Trucking & Distribution, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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