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Emphasis on Safety SMART allows users to plan and schedule day-to-day activities based on known hazards and several real time environmental factors that may magnify or present new hazards. The tool provides the means for emergency action and response. • Integration with client safety and security structure and protocols • Real-time field personnel location • Safety and security notification options via internal team emergency alert broadcast system • Precise display and location of local emergency facilities: • Hospitals • Fire stations • Law enforcement • Heliports and airfields • Ranger stations • Real-time weather radar warning system • Fire warning system • Real-Time Project Management The SMART environment gives project management personnel the analytical tools needed to produce client schedules and reports based on real time data. • Real-time scheduling and tracking of day-to-day field and office operations • Improved project reporting that produces, analyzes, and updates project schedules and reports • Improved responsiveness enabled by real-time data that supports flexible decision-making • Process improvement through using tracked progress, measured results and integrated project data to develop lessons learned and apply to subsequent project planning • Manage, Store and Display Project Data Dewberry SMART captures, stores, manages and displays real-time project data, scaled to meet project needs and tailored to client requirements. The tool avoids redundancy by integrating with client and other team member project databases as well as public information sources.


Defense, Electric & Gas, GIS, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Petroleum, Pipeline, Public Safety, Public Works, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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