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DHI-WASY has developed a modular toolbox for flood risk management planning based on ArcGIS, to support the implementation of the EU Flood Directive (EU 2007/60). The EU Flood Directive aims to reduce and manage the risks that floods pose to human health, the environment, infrastructure, cultural heritage and economic activity. The Flood Toolbox consists of components they will support users to import and postprocess data in ArcGIS to create flood risk and flood hazard maps. These moduls enable to process information on water depth and volume, flow velocity and direction from the model results. The Flood Map Generation tool will take care of creating maps, including a batch mode for serial map production. It enables the convenient management of map templates for creating map files in RTL or PDF format as well as easy printing. Additonally, a Flood Damage Assessment Tool to calculate the economic damage in selected areas and analyse the prioritisation of measures is part of the Flood Toolbox. Using damage values for land use classes in specific regions, damage maps and total damages as well as the average annual damage (AAD) is evaluated. A comparison of different scenarios can be carried out to provide decision support for risk mitigation. The DHI Flood Toolbox includes the following tools: - Flood Estimation Tools - Flood Map Generation Tool - Flood Damage Assessment Tool The Flood Toolbox supplies you with a complete solution, bundled with DHI’s experience in handling flood projects. Even though centred on the EU Flood Directive, its outreach is much wider: Water authorities outside the EU will profit from the tools when they have to handle similar flood related tasks.


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