Deeply Resolved Sentinel-2 to 1m per pixel served as WMTS/pre-rendered

By DigiFarm

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DigiFarm offers dynamically rendered deeply resolved Sentinel-2 at 1m per pixel imagery for both L2A (10 spectral bands) and L1C using simple and powerful APIs. The solution includes both the option for WMTS and pre-rendering options for BBOX and wall-to-wall coverage areas of interest. DigiFarm dynamically renders imagery for our other APIs, including WMS, which is immensely powerful for exploration but is slower for user-facing services, additionally, for final user-facing deployments, we suggest either WMTS or XYZ tile. DigiFarm then prerendered it in a few TMS of their choice, along with rendering it as EVI false-color, NDVI false-color, and RGB.


Agriculture, Environmental Management

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