Discovery Management Group

Portland, OR, United States


DMG specializes in supplying high-accuracy GNSS receivers (Eg. Eos Positioning Systems), associated hardware (eg. laser rangefinders, accessories, etc.), Esri software support, and RTK base stations. DMG offers a deep technical bench. Capabilities: -Small and large scale high-accuracy GNSS receiver deployments. Our largest user has more than 1,000 high-accuracy GNSS receivers. -Small and large-scale Esri mobile app deployments (eg. Field Maps, Survey 123, Quick Capture). -Deep experience with ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap. -Deep experience with GIS consulting and services -Mobile software development experience on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. -Heavy on-premises and cloud server experience. -Electrical and mechanical engineering capability for developing new companion hardware such as RTK base stations, specialized network switches, and a wide variety of 3D-printed brackets and adapters. -Nationwide, in-person and virtual workshops that evangelize Esri high-accuracy workflows along with Eos GNSS receivers. -National reseller channel to locally evangelize and distribute high-accuracy GNSS hardware, software and training.