GeoCarta GIS

By Divestco Inc.

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GeoCarta is a single-point data access software solution that lets project teams easily explore, analyze, extract and map public and proprietary data for faster and more accurate decisions. Using industry-leading technologies, GeoCarta provides a modern, intuitive interface and access to powerful oil and gas workflows. Users are productive in a short period of time, regardless of experience or proficiency with GIS. Extend the Power of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop With GeoCarta GIS’ industry-leading GIS technology, simplify your oil and gas exploration workflows and effortlessly integrate all your disparate spatial and relational data sources through one GIS interface. GeoCarta GIS Strengths: Access oil and gas intelligence integrated directly into the ArcGIS Desktop Simplify your exploration mapping workflows to increase your efficiency Leverage all Western Canadian grid systems for “Area of Interest” definitions and map annotations Import user data directly to the ArcGIS Desktop using industry standard location descriptions (UWIs and Legal Land Descriptions) Create spatial data on-demand and on-the-fly from your rich relational databases

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