Dymaxion Labs

Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dymaxion Labs specializes in cheaper and faster surveying of massive areas of interest using geospatial imagery and AI. Our algorithms help our clients to fusion multiple data sources and make a single global-scale analysis in hours - Not WEEKS-. We will enable every organization in the world to become a geospatial-driven one. By leveraging our solution to extract insights faster, they would be able to reliably and timely report on their carbon footprints. We believe that NGOs would be able to better mitigate risks to environmentally sensitive areas and assist the local population, and the agriculture sector would utilize our solution for better monitoring of potential disruptions on global food supply due to climate change.



We lets you create bespoke machine learning models to track objects in your own imagery. With a few annotations, data scientists can start training and applying their bespoke models on the cloud without worrying about setups and fragile data processing pipelines. Dymaxion Labs engages with their clients depending on their level of maturity with data science. For those who don't have a data science team, we help them to interact with our API and fine tuning our deep learning algorithms to achieve high-precision results with their imagery. We provide them training courses to start the way to becoming data-driven organizations. Clients with a Data Science/Analytic teams can use Dymaxion Labs’ API to both query their own models but also our ready-to-use algorithms, to track their objects of interest (ships, planes, vegetation, crops, forests) with geospatial imagery. KEY FEATURES: - Cloud: Enable data scientists to train and apply their model regardless of the area they want to survey and in an entirely remote way. - Scalability: Train ML models and predict over imagery in HOURS - Not weeks - - Support: we help your team to achieve state-of-the-art precision levels.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Training Services