Eagle Digital Imaging Inc

Corvallis, OR, United States


Eagle Digital Imaging, Inc. is a vertically integrated information provider. We use remote sensing to efficiently gather raw data and then process this data into valuable and timely information that is critical to decision makers. Being vertically integrated, we have direct control over the entire project as we design and build our own camera systems, have our own aircraft and pilots, process the data, and then extract the information. This level of control allows us to optimize the entire process to provide the desired information with extreme efficiency. We deliver a service, not a product. Our approach is to make the required modifications to our methods to optimally meet the needs of the customer. We deliver what the customer needs, not what an off-the-shelf purchased camera system can provide. All of our many customers have come to rely upon us to meet their needs year after year. We develop a strong working relationship where we can cooperate to further optimize existing projects or pursue new technologies to seek out additional information opportunities.



We are a information provider using remote sensing to reliably provide information to decision makers.