EagleView Technologies, Inc.

Rochester, NY, United States


EagleView (formerly Pictometry) provides high-resolution geo-referenced aerial imagery through its patented image capture system and user-friendly CONNECTExplorer interface for local and regional governments worldwide Our historical database is the largest multi-modal database in history, with more than 1 Billion images covering 98% of the U.S. population, including both rural and urban areas. Our seamless oblique imagery not only gives you a 360-degree view that doesn’t limit you to a single perspective, but also allows you to accurately measure distances on oblique images and pan seamlessly from site to site. Our patented camera system generates imagery that is 4x the resolution of satellite imagery, with both property level (3-inch or better GSD) and neighborhood level (6-inch or better GSD) options to capture the detail you need. EagleView’s platform integrates seamlessly with popular programs including Esri ArcGIS, CAMA systems, and E911 systems.



EagleView Reveal™ is a portfolio of high-resolution aerial imagery derived from unique image capture and processing systems pioneered by EagleView, formerly Pictometry. With highly detailed orthomosaic and oblique imagery and 360-degree views, Reveal delivers a complete virtual solution for making accurate planning decisions without the time, expense, and safety risk of on-site visits.