SmartFootprint for ArcGIS Desktop

By Earth Analytic, Inc.

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EAI SmartFootprint for ArcGIS is a desktop extension for automated route selection, reporting and elevation profile toolset designed specifically for the energy industry. Built on ArcGIS Desktop technology, SmartFootprint provides a robust decision support system for energy infrastructure development that is designed to minimize design and construction costs, limit scheduling conflicts, mitigate risk, and reduce environmental impacts. The solution includes three core tools: 1. SmartFootprint Route Selection Tool: A pipeline route selection tool that automates route selection and estimates construction costs; 2. SmartFootprint Report Tool: A route line list reporting tool that summarizes the type, identification, and stationing of line crossing features (e.g. rivers, roads, land use, parcels) for proposed pipeline routes. Also tracks permitting & survey status for ongoing construction projects. 3. SmartFootprint Profile Tool: A route profile tool that generates a chart and an associated data table showing the elevation profile for a proposed route.


Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, GIS, Petroleum, Pipeline

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