Earth Data Incorporated

Centreville, MD, United States


Earth Data Incorporated is a field-oriented groundwater and geospatial consulting company. Located only about an hour from Washington D.C. and Baltimore on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Earth Data has been continuously providing consulting services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for more than 40 years. The firm has completed more than 4,850 private, local, municipal, county, state, and federal-level projects involving the collection, analysis, management and distribution data. Earth Data owns and operates an impressive array of field equipment, including borehole video and geophysical logging equipment; hollow-stem auger drilling rigs; direct-push (GeoProbe) equipment; and data loggers, meters, and other specialty equipment for running high capacity pumping tests. Earth Data has deep experience drilling, installing, redeveloping and sampling monitoring wells at environmental sites. Other areas of expertise include aerial LiDAR analysis, mapping, and database development and management. Earth Data's full-time staff includes hydrogeologists, geologists, GIS/geospatial specialists, water resource engineers, environmental scientists, licensed well drillers and field technicians. Earth Data Incorporated * Water * Land * Geospace * Solutions for Tomorrow. Today