Earth Info Sdn Bhd

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Earth Info Sdn Bhd was incorporated under the name of PC Infosystems in mid-1994 as a software house and has since moved on to specialize in the following fields: Information & Communications Technology [ICT] incorporating the latest technology such as smart card based applications, structured cabling system & Wireless LAN (indoor & outdoor), and telephony; and Geospatial Technology comprising Geographic Information System [GIS] & Remote Sensing System involving consultancy, digital mapping and automated mapping/facilities management (AM/FM). Our services incorporate state-of-the-art computer and electronics technology in providing cost effective, efficient and user-friendly solutions. Aiming to be a global player in these fields, in 2001 the company was incorporated as a private limited company. Today, Earth Info Sdn Bhd is actively involved in transferring such technologies to various clienteles within the region.



GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION & IMAGING SYSTEMS (GIS) 1. GIS application customization / development, consulting and training 2. Digital mapping services including aerial digital imaging, aerial-photo interpretation, automated topographic survey, photogrammetric mapping, data conversion from hardcopy to digital maps, digital elevation modeling (DEM), GPS survey 3. Automated mapping / facilities management (AM/FM) integrating related types of data such as raster images & CAD drawings and incorporating FM data, billing records and other information into the GIS INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT) 1. Application development incorporating relational DBMS, Internet/Intranet/Extranet technology, embedded GIS functionalities & features, and client/server architecture 2. IT consultancy, training & maintenance services 3. Systems integration in multi-hardware and operating systems environment such as server clustering, mobile computing, and Microsoft & Linux interoperability 4. Document imaging & archiving and workflow systems 5. Disaster recovery system consisting of remote access, data back-up & restore devices, and data recovery applications 6. Server room preparation comprising climate control, raised flooring, security access, fire prevention and network cabling solutions 7. Strategic information system analysis and planning 8. Switching network and Structured Cabling System involving Wireless LAN & satellite telecommunications

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration