Earth Knowledge Foresight™ Platform

By Earth Knowledge, Inc.

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Earth Knowledge Foresight Services provide you with in-depth understanding of earth systems with models detecting past, present, and future insights that impact investment portfolios and company’s assets, operations, and supply. This includes ESG, Climate, and Biodiversity Risk Predictive Analytics. EK Foresight incorporates more than 200 Global Change Indicators that assist you to isolate key risk factors which, when mitigated, create a far more sustainable and profitable company and investment. EK Indicators, from the earth’s subsurface to the atmosphere, are led by EK Network’s President, Nobel and Expert Scientists who have decades of research and work understanding interacting with global change risks and opportunities. EK Indicators give true context and insight to business decision-making, looking far beyond climate change alone. They consider primary direct indicators – climate, temperature, precipitation, wind, and sea level rise – combined with secondary direct and indirect indicators – surface water runoff, chronic flooding, geology and terrain. Indicators show how the landscape changes over time to provide insight on how it will respond to nature-based solutions implemented create true resilience. The result is a comprehensive view of exactly how all these factors interconnect to provide an accurate insight into the position of the assets. It allows the fund manager to see past the bias, identify the opportunities and make smarter investment decisions.


Environmental Management, Financial Services, Map, Chart & Data Production

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