Toulouse, France


Earthcube’s mission is to provide its customers with ready-to-use monitoring information based on satellite imagery. Its value-added does not rely on the imagery but on a proprietary change detection algorithm that automatically detects the changes relevant for the end-user. This algorithm was originally developed for medical changes and applied to satellite images by Earthcube. This change detection tool was initially launched for and with satellite image analysts of the Defense sector. This unique value proposition enables customers to increase their operations’ safety, protect the environment and optimize their costs by better anticipating risks and by identifying problems faster.



Get an estimation of the changes in a specific area. Track the evolution of specific elements. How it works: Select an area of interest. We will get the satellite imagery corresponding to your needs and make the result available to you on the ArcGIS platform. You won’t need to send someone to walk around the place or struggle to find an appropriate source of information. You will only get the information you need: to know whether or not something has changed. You can also have access to statistics on relevant metrics for your business.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development