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Walking is the most natural mode of transportation. It is available everywhere and is usually the first and last part of a journey, whether long or short. We have developed an area-based approach for computing the paths and reachability for pedestrians, calculated to an accuracy of just a few meters. We use heterogeneous data sources and can even model desire paths which are not explicitly mapped in the base data. In particular, we do not rely on a consistent routing network. As an initial base map, we use OpenStreetMap data, but we can complement or replace it with other sources such as Open Government Data (e.g. pedestrian routes) or private data. We offer a set of products and services, including the following: - Pedestrian Time Analysis for a point - Quality of Service Coverage - Customization & Integration With the accurate walk-times that Walkalytics offers, the application areas are virtually unlimited. Here are three examples: - Quality of Service Coverage for Public Transportation: Based on up to tens of thousands of public transport stations, we calculate high-resolution quality grade zones based on the proximity and frequency of public transport stops. - Real Estate Rating: As a real-estate professional you know that the top three items of primary importance in your business are: With our walk-time analysis and grading, we can provide up-to-date and accurate indicators for the accessibility of local services. Do you manage millions of properties? No problem! We’ll take care of it thanks to our scalable computation infrastructure. - Accurate Nearby Searche: With Walkalytics, you are only shown amenities that are genuinely within walking distance – not across the river, on the other side of the highway or blocked by other obstacles.


Atmospheric, Environmental Management, GIS, Highways & Roads, Land Records, Public Transit, Railroads, Real Estate, Retail

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