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Ecobot is the only platform that brings true efficiency and accuracy to wetland scientists. Ecobot now includes Esri integration allowing customers to map wetland polygons in the context of filling out their US Army Corps of Engineers wetland determination forms. With no manual effort, map features collected in the field with our wetland delineation app can now be dropped directly into ArcGIS Pro, revolutionizing how the natural resources consulting industry works. Far more than simply digitizing field data collection and transfer paper inefficiencies and frustrations to an equally inefficient digital tool. As members of this community, we collaborate with our customers to create true field and office efficiency, tucked into every aspect of your existing workflow. Compared to both traditional techniques and all other digital offerings, Ecobot helps scientists spend more time as scientists and the companies they work for be more profitable.



Convert your legacy WetForm USACE wetland determination data to the Ecobot-ready wetland delineation app data format. When your data is converted, Ecobot will instantly generate shapefiles of all wetland determination sampling points from your historical natural resources consulting projects.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration