EcoProf KZ LLC

Karaganda, KAR, Kazakhstan


We are a leading innovative research and production center for research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, aimed at finding and implementing solutions in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development in Kazakhstan.



· Scientific research in the field of flora and fauna; · Research and development work: 1) on the selection of wastewater treatment technology; 2) on the selection of emission purification technology; 3) on aeration of non-flowing reservoirs in order to reduce the pestilence of fish and overgrowth of reservoirs; 4) on the selection and implementation of alternative energy supply systems for the private sector; 5) on the production of hydrogen fuel; 6) of solar radiation monitoring for the efficient construction of solar power plants; 7) on the selection of technology before the extraction of fine gold mixed with clay during prospecting; 8) on the selection of technology for processing coal tar; 9) to assess the potential of processing oil sludge and other waste containing petroleum products to produce alternative fuels; 10) to assess the potential of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy waste to produce alternative raw materials for cement plants; 11) to assess the potential of ash and slag waste from power plants for the extraction of valuable components.