Electric Power Engineers

Bee Cave, TX, United States


Electric Power Engineers, Inc. (EPE), is a lead engineering consulting and management service firm for electric utilities, municipalities, cooperatives as well as energy resource developers. Founded in 1968, EPE has extensive experience in transmission & distribution system analysis, substation and electric system design, energy market analysis, grid integration of energy resources, renewable energy, generation development, and design of wind, solar, biomass, as well as energy storage. At Electric Power Engineers, Inc. we have an excellent team of engineers that is always ready and eager to study your system and projects. Our experienced engineers are licensed in several states and have strong educational backgrounds in power engineering. Each one of our engineers enjoys their work and endeavors to deliver the best work product to you, individually and collectively as a team. Our different offices work together to provide the most experience and skill possible in this industry. Our motto is excellence and going beyond the expected.