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Geofacets helps E&P companies prioritize opportunities, optimize resources, and manage risk. It combines a vast, vetted library with powerful location-based search, so oil and gas companies find information fast. Whether georeferencing maps or structuring tabular data, Geofacets formats content so it’s easier to integrate and analyze. Geofacets includes: • Essential Knowledge: Nearly 2 million maps, figures, and tables sourced from 100+ renowned geoscience journals • Easy Discovery: Location-based search and comprehensive filtering to narrow down search results • Seamless Integrations: Integration capabilities with GIS programs including ArcGIS and Petrel The Geofacets for ArcGIS plug-in allows you to go from hypothesis to analysis to validation all in one platform. All the functionality of Geofacets can be integrated into ArcGIS so you do more with less by synergizing the analysis capabilities of ArcGIS and the information & data discovery capabilities of Geofacets in one efficient platform.


Education, Geologic, Insurance, Mining, Petroleum, Water Resources

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