Emergency Response Assistance Canada

Calgary, AB, Canada


Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) is a not-for-profit emergency preparedness and response organization that develops, implements and responds to more than 400 emergency response plans (ERPs), including Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAPs), environmental emergency (E2) plans, rail security plans and spill contingency plans, for our 320 Plan Participant members. Incidents involving dangerous goods, including flammable gases and liquids, can happen at any time, any place. When they do, ERAC is there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can count on us to help your organization with all of your emergency response needs: our trained and assessed response teams, remedial measures advisors, technical advisors, home base coordinators and emergency call centre are ready to respond anywhere in Canada. Our Plan Participants consist of oil and gas producers, retailers, wholesalers and carriers of dangerous goods. ERAC Plan Participants pay an annual membership fee based on the volumes they transport and number of provinces in which they operate.