Energere inc

Montreal, QC, Canada


Énergère is a leading energy services company (ESE) in Quebec. We provide innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and lower operating and maintenance costs as well as smart cities. The turnkey projects that we offer come with performance guarantees; they not only reduce energy consumption (and the bill!) but also act in favor of the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. The measures we are implementing also aim to improve the comfort of building occupants and the functionalities of the cities. Since 1997, we have successfully completed over 600 energy efficiency projects, all in the institutional, municipal, commercial and industrial markets. In a context of digital transformation affecting the municipal world in particular, Énergère's Smart Cities division meets the growing needs of municipalities in terms of technological integration, cumulating over 150 clients. We constitute a highly rigorous professional team that stands out both for the technical quality of its solutions and the flexibility of our business partnership models. Since its creation, Énergère has achieved irreproachable quality in the realization of all its projects, reflecting financial commitments, skills, and a vision of sustainable development.



We are currently working on developing several GIS/Engineering based services. Stay tuned for more!

Services Provided:

Implementation, Needs and Requirements, Training Services