Real-Time Orthometric Height Conversions with Arrow GNSS / GPS

By Eos Positioning Systems Inc

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Users of the Arrow Series GNSS receivers can take advantage of high-accuracy (i.e., survey-grade), real-time orthometric height data-collection in the field. The Arrow receiver will output accurate GNSS elevations into any data-collection app. Eos also offers a detailed how-to guide, free Python script (for Collector for ArcGIS) and metadata fields PDF (also for Collector) to help customers get started with real-time geoid height conversion. Who is this Solution for? The Arrow receivers now support the entire United States to provide survey-grade elevation in NAVD88 orthometric heights through the GEOID12B (US) geoid model. The Arrow receivers also support the Canadian CGG2013a and HTv2.0 geoid models for the CGVD2013 and CGVD28 vertical datums, respectively. Additional geoid models for other countries are planned in the future.


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