Vaccine Deployment Planning

By Epistemix Inc.

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In the next several months, state and local officials will face the challenge of deploying one or more COVID-19 vaccines. Epistemix provides a solution, partnered with Esri, for planners to decide on the location of vaccine distribution centers, as well as estimates for how many doses will be required at each site. Our planning tool is part of the decision making process for COVID-19 vaccine allocation. The planning tool can be applied to any state to produce a specific plan that takes into account the current state of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and the specific demographic characteristics of the population in the area of interest. To perform this work, we use our proprietary modeling platform, the Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics (FRED), to conduct simulations for every area of interest. Our simulations mode the spread of COVID-19 and can help determine when a population may reach vaccine-induced herd immunity. This can be used with ArcGIS Online to help determine vaccine dose requirements and distribution. Our solution can also help evaluate different distribution strategies or the impact of vaccine hesitancy based on neighborhood or race assumptions.


Demographics, Geologic, Public Administration & Policy

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