Ericsson Network Engineer

By Ericsson

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Ericsson Network Engineer can help accelerate network rollout for private networks, mobile backhaul, consumer broadband, and in the core, metro, and access networks. It provides network operators with a centralized graphical information system (GIS) for planning, designing, maintaining, and documenting end-to-end communications networks. Using real-time access to accurate network information, Ericsson Network Engineer can automate plan through build operations for faster builds and accelerated revenue realization. Built on the ESRI® ArcGIS® platform, Ericsson Network Engineer is built to handle any multi-vendor, multi-technology infrastructure. The sophisticated geodatabase houses all physical network inventory information, supports circuit design, composition and capacity management, and keeps track of both planned and as-built network information. It overlays network layouts on top of land-based information so planners can see equipment, circuits, demographics, and customer information in a single view.


Electric & Gas, Telco

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