ESP Technology & Logistics LLC

Los Angeles, CA, United States


Our mission is to use technology to connect the Global Supply Chain through our cloud-based geospatial platform that exponentially increases productivity via real-time location intelligence, end-to-end visibility and analytics while reducing the environmental impact of these activities. ESP applies geography to the supply chain by focusing on the location-based data and attributes. ESP combines baseline data from TMS, WMS and other associated business systems along with the practical use of geographic information to develop an overarching space and time network for optimization and analytics. This network enables ESP not just to look at where an asset or shipment is, but how that asset/shipment interacts with other assets along the journey. This enables ESP to provide analytics and actionable results to our userbase. When ESP applies additional dimensions to the assets (Cost, resourcing, etc.), we can provide our users with optimized flows that considers more than just the location of the asset. ESP benefits from modern technologies through the application of these technologies and technological methods. We apply concepts such as microservices, location intelligence and unstructured data storage to provide our customers. Our team also takes advantage of the Esri ArcGIS platform to assist in the application of locational analytics and visualization, enabling our team to focus on solving our customers’ needs and providing action results.