exactEarth Ltd

Cambridge, ON, Canada


exactEarth Ltd. is a data services company that leverages advanced microsatellite technology to deliver vessel monitoring solutions characterized by high performance, reliability, security, and simplicity. exactEarth tracks over 100,000 ships a day, combining satellite and land-based sources. Our exactAIS® data is easily integrated into Esri applications including ArcGIS Online providing valuable information for Ocean GIS analysis, Defence applications, Fisheries Monitoring and any solutions aimed at maritime domain awareness and operational maritime support.



exactAIS® provides a global capability for monitoring all AIS-equipped vessels using our own satellite constellation and global network of ground stations. As we receive AIS (Automatic Identification System) messages at our data processing center in Canada, we forward these messages instantly to our customers via a secure internet link and our data are delivered using OGC standard web services. The messages are provided in one of several industry standard formats that are compatible with most existing AIS display systems. exactAIS® streams the data securely, quickly and continuously, enabling you to monitor any area of the planet for vessel traffic like never before. We process and distribute all received AIS messages in your Area of Interest (AOI) providing you with MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity), Ship Location, Ship Course and Ship Speed. All data is also time-stamped and provided with each message. Automatic Identification System (“AIS”) is an RF-based communications system designed primarily as a collision avoidance system for large SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) class vessels.

Services Provided:

System Integration