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exactAIS Geospatial Web Services (GWS) is Maritime Vessel information on demand. exactAIS Geospatial Web Services (GWS) delivers maritime vessel information, derived from Satellite and Terrestrial AIS sources, directly into your Esri platform of choice. Certified to OGC standards, we now offer a web services solution that allows instant access to our exactAIS® data in an on-demand environment. Features and Benefits: • OGC Certified delivery of Maritime Vessel Information, derived from the latest AIS messages • exactAIS data can be immediately consumed and displayed in any OGC compliant geospatial system allowing for current ship information to be available on request with no new platform purchases required • Interoperability – ability to seamlessly integrate exactAIS with existing Esri platforms with little to no time or effort • exactAIS GWS allows for users to receive data on-demand to meet their specific needs without costly infrastructure storage costs • Removes the complexity of processing AIS messages • Provides the ability to create custom data views using filters • Improved efficiency: instead of spending money (and time) setting up and managing AIS database environments, allow exactEarth to ‘host’ the data and serve you on-demand • On-demand data: get what you want, when you want it – and only pay for what you get • exactAIS GWS can also serve as Esri Map and Feature Services This new way to view our industry-leading AIS data is the most efficient, accessible way to obtain the complete maritime picture for your area of interest. These data can be accessed when desired, and integrated effortlessly with your Esri platforms - removing barriers to full data integration. exactAIS GWS can be implemented into many existing platforms such as Esri framework. For Esri ArcMap users, we provide a Custom Add-In that opens up advanced filtering capabilities. exactAIS GWS are fully compatible with Esri ArcGIS and can be directly used with such platforms as ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS APIs and SDKs.


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