Exodigo Inc

San Jose, CA, United States


Exodigo is a startup that has developed a non-invasive subsurface utility mapping platform. We use various sensors that can measure anomalies underground, combining them for one complete view of the underground. It’s like using CT, MRI, and Ultrasound to create one human body image. Finally, we deliver an accurate and complete geolocated utility map (seen in the attached documents) in any needed format ESRI ArcGIS, AutoCAD, BIM, and more. We do not invent a new visualization tool. With Exodigo, you will get a complete view of the underground without any unexpected utilities or other interferences, allowing you to mitigate the enormous risk of working underground. Our in-development future product can also classify ground water levels and natural anomalies such as rock, clay, sand, ground water and voids.



ArcGIS users can now access easy-to-understand layers from Exodigo’s multi-sensing platform on the Esri system, including: - A green corridor polygon representing a utility-free right of way for safe design -A utility layer showing line identities with high precision and accuracy -An above ground utility assets layer(such as manholes, hydrants, etc.) -An underground soil layer that highlights areas of possible ground distortion -An optional layer adding available records in digital format

Services Provided:

System Integration