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Fathom’s UK Flood Map provides a consistent view of flood risk across all flood perils and nations at ~10m (1/3 arcsecond) resolution. Using a combination of world-leading research and cutting-edge modeling techniques, the dataset simulates UK flood hazard for both current and future climate scenarios. In addition to inland (fluvial and pluvial) flooding, we simulate flooding on the UK’s coastlines in response to storm tides. We use UKCP18 climate data to produce flood maps for present day, 2030, 2050 and 2070 under RCP 2.6, RCP4.5, RCP8.5 and for 2° and 4° degree warming levels. New machine learning techniques are adopted to generate flood frequency curves (of river discharge, rainfall, and storm tide water levels) anywhere; even in the absence of long observational records. Forming the boundary conditions (inputs of water) of our hydraulic models, these estimates ensure robust quantification of both frequent floods and unprecedented extreme events. Using a new gradually-varied flow solver, we estimate properties of the world’s rivers based on the simulated discharge in our model. This ensures that the essential dynamics of flood inundation – with channels conveying flood flows and draining floodplains – are represented in the model.


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